The Basics Of Panic Attacks And Anxiety.

The Basics Of Panic Attacks And Anxiety.


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I just can’t take it any more.

I  want to describe some basic concepts and definitions used in relation to panic attacks and anxiety.

A panic attack by definition is a period of intense fear that begin suddenly and last for a relatively brief period of time.

Panic attacks begin abruptly and within minutes reach a peak and then subside after several hours.

Unfortunately however it may take days to fully recover from an anxiety attack, this is especially the case if you are experiencing your first panic / anxiety attack.

Experiencing an attack for the first time, will most certainly be a very frightening experience . The fear often is that the person is having either a nervous breakdown or a heart attack..

The very fact that an anxiety / panic attach happened during a set of circumstances can be enough to  reproduce the attack given the same circumstances at a later date.


Panic Attack Triggers.

Panic attack triggers will vary from person to person and from situation to situation. A situational panic attack will happen when a person finds themselves in a situation in which they experienced a previous panic attack.

Anxiety is a condition of fear or apprehension resulting from the anticipation of a real or imagined situation that may produce fear or a threat.

Anxiety is one of the most common emotions experienced and will be felt by most individuals in their lifetime.


Not A Mental Illness.

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You are not suffering from a mental illness; it is a behavioral problem and as such can be treated and cured with the correct help, support and guidance.

Having a panic attack presents no physical danger to the individual suffering it. They are simply the result of the mind misinterpreting the signals the body is sending it. Anxiety is a natural built in response designed to keep us safe from harm.


Generalized Anxiety Disorder.

Having had one panic attack an individual can develop a fear of having another and so develop GAD. Generalized anxiety disorder is an anxiety disorder which is characterized by excessive worry and tension.

Sufferers describe it as a fear of fear. It is characterized as circular thinking in that thoughts tend to go round and round in the sufferers mind often giving the appearance of getting faster and faster until they suffer a form of mental paralysis.


Lastly it has to be said that having an anxiety disorder is in no way related to a lack of courage.



2 Responses to “The Basics Of Panic Attacks And Anxiety.”

  1. Stressed Eric says:

    Hi guys,

    I like the fact that you stress that anxiety isn’t a mental illness.

    However, I would like some more information on panic attacks and Generalized anxiety disorder.

    I love the articles so far and am really looking forward to using the site more often.

    1 thing I would suggest though is to add a forum if you can to allow users to interact with each other and share tips and techniques for managing panic attacks.

    All the best guys and keep up th good work.


    • John says:

      Hi Eric,

      We are going to be bringing out more and more articles as quickly as we can I promise.

      We are only four people working on this site in our spare time so it might take a week or two before we get up and running at full speed so please bear with us.

      We are planning to create a user forum so members suffering from panic attacks can use us as a tool to reduce and eventually cure them.

      In the mean time if you want to put anything you have written on the site we are always open to new authors work.



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